How long are the shoots?

typically our shoots last between 2-2.5 hours. We arrive usually right on the dot, or 10-15 minutes before the scheduled shoot for set up. 

How de we receive the pics?

you will be provided a google drive link. It is recommended to download all files to avoid any potential loss of files. However, we will not delete your files! We have your back!!

How many pics do we get?

during a two hour shoot we produce hundreds of shots. Obviously, not all become worthy of post editing and to be used as marketing collateral. We do recommend a quick pre production call to discuss the purpose of the shoot to make sure the shoot is as productive as possible. 

What is the best time for the shoot?

many restaurants have loving us there. We keep it professionally friendly at all times with staff and customers. Anytime really is the best time. However, for best possible results and communication efforts, we recommend a slow time where we have more time with the dishes. 


How many Video Ads can I buy?

As many as you wish! We do however recommend a set amount based on social media marketing strategies. If you need one or two we will be glad to produce them for you, but remember, we do need to go in and shoot video with our cameras!

How long is a Business Film?

Business Films range between 1:30 to 1:59 in length.

What is a Business Video?

Business Videos are produced for restaurants that wish to showcase their restaurant in an organic and passionate way. These business videos incorporate slow motion, engaging music, social tags, and are between 45 - 59 seconds in length. Typically these videos incorporate a call to action element.

How can i use my video ads?

video ads can be used on certain social media story elements. They are produced to be used as short segment videos promoting and highlighting certain elements.


Which Files do I receive once my logo is finished being designed?

you get a png, jpeg, pdf and if requested an original RAW file. These files are perfect to be used for all types of marketing collateral. 


How many posts do i get with the social media posting service?

Our most basic posting service is posting 4x per week. We promote content usually acquired from our content production process.